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Sho-kun is Arashi’s pioneer. Without him, there wouldn’t be anyone to try on other careers like newscasting, rapping, etc. Matsujun is Arashi’s idea man. Without him, there wouldn’t be anyone to create the Johnny’s Moving Stage and to come up with all those amazing ideas for our concerts. Aiba-chan is Arashi’s sun, for without him, there wouldn’t be anyone to create miracles for our group. Nino is Arashi’s melody-maker. Without him, there wouldn’t be anyone to create those songs that our fans love.
                                                                                           (…and what about you?)

(元記事: sunblades (tokyobeeから))

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Satoshi, please! Your face! XD LOL


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Happy 15th Anniversary, Arashi!!


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[CMs Collection]: Ninomiya Kazunari - Hitachi CM ~ Making of


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(Fic/Drabble) - Ohno/Becky : no title

He knows her and he doesn’t. He has seen her everywhere. She is on billboards and the telly.  He has even heard her on the radio. She is standing in fron of him now, in stunning glory, smiling and laughing getting introduced formally to the rest of the arashi members by her manager. Ohno almost misses her name the way he is transfixed in her elegance…. 

She is sunny and radiant. Her energy flows like a river, he thinks, so gentle and tranquil but turns mighty with energy when her focus demands it. She is infectious with her laughter and more often then not he releases a chucked to mach her liveliness. She is beautiful and Ohno can’t scold himself to look away. He doesn’t want to.

Ohno can’t stop looking at her and doesn’t stop even when she turns to him and smiles. He returns a silly grin. He is smitten and he finds himself lost in deep pools of emerald. She blinks and waves and he is broken out of the trans. He ducks his head to hide away. He is not sure if he mostly wants to run way. He doesn’t know this feeling that swells up in his chest. It’s thick and heavy and he struggles to breath.

It’s unsettling. 

… (TBC)

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Aiba Masaki  TV FAN 2010.10


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